About Us

Dragon Freestyle Kickboxing and Self Defence started in January 1998 in Mansfield. Since then Dragon Freestyle has gone from strength to strength with busy classes in both Nottingham and Mansfield.

Dragon Freestyle is very much a family club, with a fun and friendly environment. We have a real mix of people attending classes from those training once a week who just want to get a bit fitter and learn something new, to those training 3 or 4 times a week who wish to attend regular competitions or fight shows. Whatever you are looking to achieve from your training, I am sure we can help you.

Chief Instructor

Ian Harrison

5th Degree Black Belt - Kickboxing
5th Degree Black Belt - SDF Modern Street Combat/ Goshinkwai Combat/ Self Defence
1st Degree Black Belt - Applied Kyusho Jitsu

Ian began kickboxing in 1995 and has competed at Points and Light Continuous in many tournaments and fight nights over the years. Some of his results include:

  • 7 x Revolution Tournaments English Champion (6 x for Semi Contact Points / 1 x for Light Continuous)
  • ISKA British Champion (2014 - Light Continuous)
  • 2 x WFMC British Champion (2015 - Semi Contact Points & Light Continuous)
  • 2 x ISKA World Bronze Medalist (2015 Portugal - Veterans Semi Contact Points & Masters Light Continuous)
  • Northants Open Champion (2015 - Veterans Light Continuous)
  • ICO British Champion (2015 - Masters +40yrs Semi Contact Points)
  • Revolution Grand Champion (2015 - Veterans +35yrs Semi Contact Points)
  • WFMC British Champion (2017 - Light Continuous)
  • 2 x ICO British Champion (2017 - Master +40yrs Points & Light Continuous)
  • ICO World Silver Medalist (2017 - Masters +40yrs Semi Contact Points)
  • ICO World Bronze Medalist (2017 - Masters +40yrs Light Continuous)

In addition to kickboxing, Ian has been a member of the Self Defence Federation (SDF) since 2001, and has been a private student of Dave Turton 10th Dan and SDF head since 2004. He continues to train with Dave on a weekly basis to further his knowledge in this area. Dave Turton has over 50 years experience in the Martial Arts and has written many articles for Martial Arts magazines.

Ian has also trained in other styles over the years and in addition to teaching his classes he has taught on seminars and courses in businesses, schools, youth groups and other organisations.

Senior Instructors

Steve Cantrill

4th Dan Black Belt - Kickboxing and 1st Dan in Kyusho Jitsu.  Steve has been with Dragon Freestyle since 2004 and is one of the clubs longest serving members. Steve has had competition experience in many categories including: Points, Light Continuous, Full Contact, K1 and Submission Grappling. Steve is a great instructor and provides a lot of assitance to Ian in classes, gradings and competitions. He also does a lot of fitness type training outside of class and is always happy to give advice to anyone wanting to do some additional training on their own.
Steve's recent successes include:
  • Lordswood Open Champion (Feb 2016 - Ring Continuous)
  • WMKF World Qualifiers (2016 - Light Continuous)
  • ISKA WORLD CHAMPION (2016 Germany - Light Continuous)

Naseem Anwar (Nas)

Nas is a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Kickboxing. She started training with Dragon Freestyle in 2001 and achieved her current grade of 2nd Dan in February 2010.Nas holds grades and Diplomas in Self Defence with the Self Defence Federation (SDF) under the tuition of Ian Harrison and the SDF head Dave Turton 10th Dan.

As a qualified Life Coach, Nas is a great person to help with any personal development goals that students may have.
At Dragon Freestyle, you don't have to be a competition fighter to achieve black belt grades or become an instructor and Nas is a great example of this.


Rebecca Cantrill


2nd Dan Black Belt. Rebecca has been part of Dragon Freestyle since 2008 and is involved in many of the classes either coaching, training or both. Rebecca has fought in many tournaments in different categories including Points, Light Continuous and Full Contact. Her main successes include:
  • Competing at the WKC World Championships in Italy (2013)
  • 2 x IKF English Champion (2014 & 2015 - Light Continuous - Ring)
  • WFMC British Champion (2015 - Light Continuous)
  • ISKA World Silver Medalist (2015 Portugal - Semi Contact Points)
  • ISKA WORLD CHAMPION (2015 Portugal - Light Continuous)
  • ICO British Champion (2015 - Ring Continuous)
  • Northants Open Champion (2015 - Ring Continuous)
  • ISKA Nationals Champion x 2 (2015 Light Continuous at -65kg & +65kg)
  • WFMC British Champion (2016 - Light Continuous)
  • ISKA WORLD CHAMPION (2016 Germany - Light Continuous)

    Danny Buckle


2nd Dan Black Belt. Danny has been with Dragon Freestyle since 2007, achieving his 2nd Dan Black Belt in 2013. He has fought in many competitions including Points, Light Continuous and Full Contact. He has been focussing on the coaching side of things and after first becaming an Assistant Instructor, he has progressed with his training and coaching to become an Instructor.

Assistant Instructors:

Matthew Hughes

2nd Dan Black Belt. Matthew started with Dragon Freestyle in 2007 at the age of 10 in the junior class. He has always worked hard and progressed through the grades and is now 2nd Dan. He has also been through the Junior Leader and Assistant Instructor programmes and is a great asset to Dragon Freestyle. Matthew is also an experienced competitor at both Points and Light Continuous. At the 2016 WFMC World Championships held in Manchester he won 2 x Silver Medals. 1 for Points and 1 for Light Continuous.

Richard Lowe

Richard joined Dragon Freestyle in 2010 and achieved his 1st Dan black belt in 2014. He became an assistant instructor as he wants to help others develop and progress towards their own goals. Richard would also like to progress to Instructor level at some stage.

Junior Leaders:

The junior leaders are younger Dragon Freestyle members that are interested in learning how to help and coach others as well as improve themselves. As part of the Junior Leader programme they will help out in the kids classes whilst attending other sessions to train in. Hopefully they will progress to become the Assistant Instructors and Instructors of the future. They are all valuable members of the coaching team. The current Junior Leaders are:

George Wilson
2nd Dan. George joined Dragon Freestyle in 2007 at the age of 6. He passed his Junior 1st Dan Black belt in 2013 and went on to pass his Junior 2nd Dan in 2015. His is the first student to achieve a Junior 2nd Dan with Dragon Freestyle. He is now involved in helping others within the club and has completed his Junior Leader training. George has also started competing and we wish him every success going forward. In March 2018 George successfully passed his upgrade test and is now a 2nd Dan black belt.

Ben Spilsbury

Junior 2nd Dan. Ben joined Dragon Freestyle in 2010, he trains in the adults class but attends the junior classes to help Ian out with the younger ones. He has developed so much since he first started training and is an excellent example of what martial arts can do for you. Ben is a keen competitor and regularly attends tournaments and continues to work hard to improve himself.At the 2016 WFMC World Championships held in Manchester he won 2 x Silver Medals. 1 for Points and 1 for Light Continuous.

Nathan Burton

Junior 1st Dan. Nathan joined Dragon Freestyle in 2013 and passed his Junior 1st Dan in 2017. He has worked extremely hard in his time with us and shown great progression. After passing his assessment for Junior Leader he regularly helps out with the kids classes at the Nottingham classes. Nathan is now training as an Assistant Instructor and is keen to progress to this next level.

Joseph Lewis

Junior 1st Dan. Joseph joined Dragon Freestyle in 2011 and passed his Junior 1st Dan in 2015. He has always pushed himself to improve and continues to do so now. He has a great attitude and I often refer to him as my "chief demonstrator" in the kids class at Oak Tree, as he is always able to show whatever I am trying to put across to the class.
Contact: Ian Harrison

telephone 07976 890887
email  iandragonfreestyle@gmail.com